Brett and Meg Greenhill


Our Story

Anyone who has met Brett Greenhill(39), if only for a moment, will tell you how selfless, generous, and genuinely caring he is to everyone he encounters.

On the evening of December 3rd 2016, Brett and his fiancé, Meg Alexander, were celebrating their love for each other with their close family and friends on the beaches of Naples, Florida. What was supposed to be a day of joy, quickly turned into a tragic nightmare. Can you imagine you are having one of the best weekends of your life, and suddenly an unimaginable accident comes from an innocent swim in the gulf? What happened is a mystery, but the results were instant. Members of the bridal party swiftly pulled Brett motionless, but conscious to the safety of the shore. Imediate concern spread, as the group recognized the severity of Brett's immobility. Thanks to the quick response of the medical team and guidance of the neurosurgeon, Brett was able to undergo surgery to remove fragments of his shattered vertebrae which had lodged into his spinal cord. The injury has by definition caused paralysis, but the results are not definitive.

Just 10 weeks away from his wedding day, the date when we would take Meg Alexander as his bride, he has been confronted with this devastating diagnosis. The only love stronger then Meg and Brett's love for each other, is their love for God, and commitment to a faith that will give them the strength to continue. Regardless of this circumstance the couple is determined to push through, with God by their side, and one day complete the promise they made to one another.


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